The year was 1945 when Cameco began importing Ham and Pork Products for widely scattered gourmet shops in New York City.  Even though supplies were short and deliveries were uncertain, Cameco was convinced that a huge untapped market existed because American consumers would always purchase quality at a reasonable price.

Soaring sales and ever increasing demand confirmed the
foresight of this thinking...

During this time, Cameco's importing business grew enormously by buying and selling Ham Products directly from Poland, Belgium, Ireland, Holland, Denmark, Yugoslavia and Canada...Canned Tuna Fish, Pineapple, Tomato Products and Mushrooms from such countries as China, Hong Kong, Holland, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

In 1961, Cameco began slicing Ham and Turkey into retail Luncheon Meat packages. Over the years, Cameco built a distribution network that extended from Coast to Coast, Mexico and Puerto Rico, with three distinct sales operating divisions, Retail/Sliced Luncheon Meats, Food Service (portion Sliced Meats, Tuna, Mushrooms and Deli Hams) and Warehouse/Club (bulk Sliced Meats and Deli Products).

Today, Cameco is focused on its core business, which has transformed us into today's "sliced luncheon meat powerhouse"... having one business; Slicing, Packaging and selling Ham and Turkey Luncheon Meat items to the nation's top supermarket chains under their branded names. We currently produce these items in various qualities, sizes and packages.

Cameco is eager, aggressive and committed to assisting our customers in building future sales and profits. We see vigorous growth in the years ahead as new channels of distribution are opened with our fine quality product lines.

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